I’ve heard that sleep training is just leaving a baby to cry hysterically on their own all night without returning, is that true?

Absolutely not. 

The Sleep Nurse will assess your babies individual needs and you will then decide on a settling technique together that you as a parent are comfortable with based on your parenting style. 

Like any new learnt skill i.e. rolling/ crawling/ starting solids, babies will show frustration and at times cry. Learning the new wonderful skill of sleeping well is no different.

Rest assured that your baby will be constantly reassured of your presence throughout the entire program. The Sleep Nurse would never advocate anything unsafe that would result in your baby feeling abandoned or scared.

How often will I hear from The Sleep Nurse during the 10 day program?

You will be in constant contact via text for at least the first 3-4 days with constant prompting, direction and feedback. 

From there you may be given a little “space” over the remaining days (if you are coping well with the program) in order to get used to being independent with good sleep practices. This really depends on how you and your baby are going with the program. At the very least towards the end of the program you will still be in contact 2 or 3 times a day.

Will I be able to leave the house and go about my usual schedule during the program?

O fcourse. In fact The Sleep Nurse actually encourages some sleeps to be done out and about on the go (if age appropriate). 

For the first few days at least, you are encouraged to prioritise the program and make arrangements around sleep times i.e. scheduling outings and activities outside of sleep times and being home well in advance to get ready for bed etc.

Things like kindy and work should go ahead as usual

Is the program suitable for twins and siblings of different ages?

Definitely. Twice the fun we say!

See the ‘packages and services’ page for pricing information. 

I am not living in Australia, can I still purchase a package?

Yes! The Sleep Nurse works successfully with international clients.

There are various ways we can do the program or phone consults. i.e whatsapp, facebook, skype etc.

My baby is teething, can we still do the program?

Yes. Babies teeth for about the first 3 years of their lives. This is unavoidable. With good sleep practices, teething pain can actually be reduced. 

What if the program doesn’t work and my child’s sleep does not get better?

The Sleep Nurse has never finished a program and not seen wonderful changes with her clients sleep patterns/habits.

It is your job as the parent to put in the hard work and be really consistent with the program. If this is the case then there is no reason why your child’s sleep should not improve. 

Will my baby sleep better straight away? 

Results don’t happen overnight (excuse the pun!) but improvements will be seen within a few days and certainly towards the end of our program. 

Once I purchase a package can we start straight away?

The Sleep Nurse will contact you with 24 hours of your purchase to arrange the details of when the program will start.

There is occasionally a waiting list of 2-3 weeks. This is because each package is individualised and structured so that only a few clients are on the go at once. The Sleep Nurse prides herself in structuring the packages this way so that each client has a hands on experience. 

I have more questions, can I speak to The Sleep Nurse prior to purchasing a package?

Sure. Send a message through the contact page with your phone number and The Sleep Nurse will be in touch with you.