Meet The Sleep Nurse

Meet The Sleep Nurse


Hannah is an experienced and passionate sleep consultant whose aim is to help families make the most of their little ones childhood. She believes that sleep and rest are the key elements to any happy and healthy household.

Hannah is an AHPRA registered nurse with experience in maternity, neo-natal intensive care, special care nursery and has spent the bulk of her nursing career in general practice. Prior to her career as a nurse she worked with many families as a professional nanny. It was here that her interest in children’s sleep patterns eventuated. 

She is an experienced and certified sleep consultant through “Baby Sleep Consultants NZ”. 

As a mum of two small boys she understands first hand what it is like to be a sleep deprived mum:

"When I was pregnant with my first son I found that there was an overload of information available to me about pregnancy and birth. All I had to do was google and I would have hundreds of resources at my finger tips to answer my questions on these topics. I felt prepared and ready for whatever motherhood would throw at me. The first few months passed in a blur of sleepless nights. My baby was always over tired, cried a lot and I found it hard to go out and rejoin the world with little to no energy. It was around the 3/4 month mark time that I realised that apart from a few generalised tips I'd read in 'one size fits all' baby books, I had absolutely no idea how to help my baby sleep and sleep well. Our household was chronically sleep deprived for most of the first year and no one seemed to be able to help us. We were told it was "normal" for babies to not sleep and that we should just suck it up. When I fell pregnant with my second I was determined that I would be better prepared this time. In doing so I started my journey to become a sleep consultant for other mums and dads in need. Getting an education in the science of children's sleep and how it affects the whole families health and happiness has been so incredibly rewarding."

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