Testimonials from happy families

"Thank you from Abu Dhabi!!! Yes gals she's global! 
I cannot thank you enough for all that you have done and support offered over the weeks of this program! We have tried everything under the sun! Basically long story short, we've gone to sleep schools, co slept and had our son in a "big boy bed" and had a struggle every nap and bed time! Now a great routine and we don't have to fight every time! He's back in the cot and all is well in this house hold (for now) �. Hannah also assisted and support with food, milk and feedings which was great advice for our 21 month old! 
You rock and please keep up the good work!
Kisses from Hudson, Anastasia & Che x"

Anastasia & Hudson- 21 months

"Hannah was really friendly, and was always available to answer my many questions on my daughters sleeping patterns. The best part of my experience was that Hannah provided me with a really easy routine to follow and implement in regard to my 6 week olds sleep. I was really impressed that the plan was so gentle and I didn’t have to let my baby ‘cry it out’ as I know many other sleep plans can incorporate. My daughter now has scheduled day naps and I no longer have to deal with an over tired hard to settle baby. Our nights are also getting much better, I’m so impressed that I have been able to teach my baby to self settle at such an early age. I can’t recommend highly enough- thanks so much Hannah! Happy sleep to all!"

Kellie & Maya- 6 weeks old

"Hannah has really helped myself and my 5 month old little girl to get into a good routine without the stress of an overtired little one. My little girl used to depend on a swing for her day sleeps but now is happily going to sleep in her bassinet at all sleeps! Being a first time mum its hard to understand when sleep times should occur and for how long. Hannah has always been there to answer any question and never made me feel silly for asking!"

Tenneal & Zali- 5 months

"Hannah is amazing!! We used to rock our son to sleep and it would take about 40 minutes every sleep for a 30 min sleep. Hannah listened to my concerns about controlled crying and created a plan to suit us all. 
My son now has a solid routine and puts himself to sleep every sleep within 5minutes and has a 2 hour sleep at lunch (longest he has ever done during the day). Thank you for changing our lives and saving our backs!!"

Stephanie & Hunter- 6 months

"I can not say enough good things about Hannah. When I literally had no where else to turn after working with other sleep consultants, I thought that was it for my daughter and I should just except the fact that we would never sleep again then along came Hannah!!! 
She is encouraging, persistent, reliable, knowledgeable and actually takes into account your preferences and requests as a parent. (Which no other sleep consultant was willing to do!) She works out what the parent is comfortable doing and supports it! I can not say enough kind words, but if you ever find yourself sleep deprived and thinking there’s no hope, there most certainly is and Hannah does an amazing job!!!"

Tara & Aida- 14 months

"We cannot thank Hannah enough for what she has done for us! Our 4.5 month old son was a serial cat napper during the day getting about 3 or 4 half hour naps. With a few simple steps in the program Hannah put together for us, he now has 3 solid naps a day. You are truely amazing Hannah"

Abby & Dustin- 4.5 months

"The sleep nurse literally changed our lives! She helped me incorporate gentle and simple things right from birth that have led to a content and happy 4 month old that sleeps through of a night.. thank you so much Hannah xx"

Jo & Blake- 4 months

"I came to hannah with two toddlers (aged almost 2 and almost 3) with poor sleeping waking multiple times a night, fighting bed times, and a child who was a very poor eater. In 6 days with the help of hannah my kids both go to bed without/minimal crying, got rid of the bottles cold turkey, sleep through the night and eating everything in sight ! The new word in our house is “I’m hungry”and I love it ! Thanks so much hannah. HIGHLY RECOMMEND"

Shannen, Zahli and Malik- 3 and 2 year old

"Hannah has been such a fantastic support for me and my family through our sleep struggles with our now 6month old.We contacted Hannah when our baby was 4.5 months old after a few weeks of waking every1-2hours overnight and day time sleeps that would only last 30mins. Hannah was so supportive and understanding of the exhaustion we were all going through and really helped us feel confident in being able to settle and get our baby to sleep for longer periods both day and night. We saw so much improvement in 5 days and are continuing to see improvements in his sleep, feeding, overall happiness and parental worry and sleep deprivation is much improved! I wish we contacted Hannah earlier to get advice from this amazing lady!"

Sam & Banjo- 4.5months

"Hannah is absolutely amazing! Full of knowledge, always so helpful, went above and beyond. I cannot sing her praises enough! She has helped our little miss endlessly in such a short amount of time! And she is such a pleasure to talk and converse with."

Krissie & Cora- 6.5 months

"Hannah is incredible. I asked for help because my 10 month old had started catnapping and waking for a feed during the night, when previously he had been having good day naps and sleeping 12 hours at night. 

Hannah was able to tell us exactly what was causing his short naps, and together we put in place a plan to get him sleeping longer, and to slowly reduce his night feeds. She gave us the option of choosing a method that suited our parenting style and whether or not we felt comfortable with him crying. 

Other than the fantastic results (at the end of our two weeks my son was taking a nice long 2 hour afternoon nap and back to sleeping through the night) my favourite thing about Hannah was the huge amount of time she dedicated to giving me support. Every nap, every bedtime, every time he woke early from his afternoon nap. My husband was working and it can be really hard to be consistent and strong when it’s just you, but Hannah was always there to help me when I needed her. She answered l my questions quickly, no matter how ridiculous and she gave me the confidence to stay patient and consistent. 

We were so lucky to be able to work with Hannah. I would not hesitate to ask for her help again, and I would 100% recommend her to any parents who want help to get their child sleeping better. Thank you so much Hannah"

Claire & Tahn - 10 months

"Nate, since birth was a complicated sleeper. Being a first time mum, I felt I had a baby that came with a "chinese manual" when it came to his colic, feeding, screaming for hours on end (at what we would call "witching hours" between 6-9pm).
Me and my partner were at our wits end, we continued the best we could for 10 whole months (his wind etc got better with age, but his sleep didn't) - with his constant cap napping, having days An nights "mixed up" , constant mood swings etc. 
We brought numerous sleep programs we tried at home ourselves, which would occasionally work and each one we learnt more and more about how important HIS sleep and OUR sleep was. 
Nate was always happy baby 70% of the time learning and playing etc. But it was hard for me to fully enjoy motherhood with my sleep deprivation. 

Then, I heard about sleep nurse (through a friend who highly recommended her!) so we decided with my maternity leave coming to and end in August we had to bite the Bullet and seek professional help. 

Hannah (sleep nurse) was AMAZING she was so supportive, clear, informative. Because at times it was easy to forget why you're teaching them a routine & feeling like the only mother who has endured it. 
Day 1 we seen a MASSIVE difference in Nate. There were definitely tougher days, but we survived and it was only for the better. 
We've now been doing the routine at home- Nate is so much happier & mood is amazing as he knows what's next in the day. I'm no
Longer doing housework with a screaming over tired baby at my legs. Now I can leave my work and have a cuppa and "me" Time until his sleep times and then enjoy the playtime & motherhood once he wakes. 
Even enjoying simple things like KNOWING when is a good time to book doctor appointments! (Instead of.... "ummm not to sure,I might have to cancel depending on my child's mood") No longer having anxiety of sitting at a doctors or lunch with friends with a crying baby. 

Hannah honestly became a friend that happened to be a sleep expert! 
Even after the program ended if nate threw any "curb balls" at me I was able to send her a quick message and was never an inconvenience. 

I cannot reccomend this program enough. Wishing I did it months ago. Xo."

Haylee & Nate- 10 months