Terms & conditions

Terms and conditions


Payments should be made in full at the time of purchase and are non refundable for any reason such as change of mind or change of circumstance

Cancellation or illness

If your child becomes ill and is unable to commence the sleep program then the program may be postponed to a mutually agreed upon later date. (this is at the sleep consultants discretion and depends upon availability)

Safe sleep compliance and medical disclosure

I agree to follow safe sleeping practices in line with SIDS recommendations. These recommendations can be found here. https://rednose.com.au/section/safe-sleeping. By purchasing a package with The Sleep nurse, i acknowledge that I have read and agreed to these recommendations. 

I agree to share any medical conditions or relevant medical history with The Sleep Nurse prior to the commencement of sleep training

I agree to check with my GP if my child has any medical conditions which prevent him/her from being sleep trained safely

The Sleep Nurse advice is a guide only. I agree to seek medical advice from other professionals in matters relating to lactation, nutrition, weight gain, medical conditions etc if needed. 

I acknowledge that The Sleep Nurse programs are completely independent from Australian state and territory public health systems and the APHRA registration board.  

Follow on support

I acknowledge that at the completion of The Sleep Nurse programs I will be provided with comprehensive follow on advice and when/how to implement routine changes. The completion of a program entitles me to reply to The Sleep Nurse “wrap up” email with any outstanding queries or questions that I have about my child’s sleep in the future.

By purchasing a package, I agree to adhere to and respect the support period time frame offered. Continued follow on support is not offered free of charge (unless specified by The Sleep Nurse) and if further assistance is required then a follow up package can be purchased. I understand that emails, text messages or phone calls made to The Sleep Nurse outside of these agreed upon support periods may not be replied to or actioned.

I acknowledge that if The Sleep Nurse routine/sleep plan and settling strategy is not implemented correctly or if “old habits” are reintroduced then my child’s sleep may regress significantly. This is not clause for me to receive complimentary follow on advice from The Sleep Nurse outside of our agreed upon support period.